Boat Energy LLC Warranty

Your BOAT ENERGY LLC Generator has been manufactured and inspected with care by experienced craftsman. BOAT ENERGY LLC warrants that the products and their parts will be free from defects in materials, design and workmanship from their original date of purchase for 30 days. Repair, replacement or appropriate adjustment at BOAT ENERGY LLC. option will be furnished if the product, upon BOAT ENERGY LLC. inspection, is found to be properly installed, maintained and operated in accordance with Generator instruction manuals. Warranty begins on all components from date of purchase by the original owner.

The Following Will Not Be Covered By Warranty

1. Failure resulting from incorrect installation. 

2. Damage caused by water ingestion. A generator is considered to have ingested water when water backs up from the exhaust outlet into the engine cylinder head. This generally occurs when incorrect operating start procedures are implemented (engine is repeatedly cranked, but fails to start), or if the generator is not installed according to the requirements outlined in the installation manual. 

3. Normal engine/generator wear. 

4. Routine maintenance, tune-ups, belts, hoses, clamps, filters, exhaust system components, gaskets, seals, anodes & impellers. 

5. Damage caused by accidents, damage in transit, improper installation, handling or storage. 

6. Damage caused by faulty repairs. 

7. Damage caused by operating with improper fuel or at speeds, loads, conditions, modifications or installation contrary to published specifications and recommendations. 

8. Starting batteries and the following related expenses: • Labor charges related to battery service. • Travel expense related to battery service. 

9. Incidental expenses such as cost of communications, living and travel expenses, equipment rental, towing charges, dockage, crane fees, crew fees and other similar services. 

10. Generator repairs undertaken by an unauthorized KOHLER, WESTERBEKE, PHASOR, FISCHER PANDA, NORTHERN LIGHTS, MASE’, MASPOWER Dealer and/or without prior approval from BOAT ENERGY LLC. 

11. Damage caused by negligent maintenance including but not restricted to: • Failure to provide the specified type and sufficient quantity of lubricating oil, cooling air or coolant. • Failure to perform scheduled maintenance as prescribed in supplied manuals. • Failure to provide adequate air intake and or maintenance of air intake systems. 

12. Use of other than factory supplied or approved repair parts and/or procedures voids BOAT ENERGY LLC. warranty on this part and/or failures caused by this part. 

Expenses incurred investigating performance complaints.

Warranty Service Procedures And Remedies:

BOAT ENERGY LLC authorization is required for all repairs in excess of $200.00. BOAT ENERGY LLC. must be notified within 30 days after discovery of any product failure covered by this warranty. All warranty service must be performed by BOAT ENERGY LLC an authorized service representative.